Beatriz is studying her masters degree in linguistics in Stockholm. Our love and sex columnist, she discusses everything from stigma around contraception and HPV, to her hilarious dating stories as a bisexual in her twenties.

A woman pole dancing in a dark, sexy red room

Is Sex Work a Feminist Act?

This week, Bea the Bud is discussing sex work. What are the different schools of thought, and should it be legalised? How is the legal status of sex work linked to feminism? —— I said in my last article how I never research for articles, but for that article I did… on TikTok… This one …

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Two women together talking in a cafe

A 101 On Lesbian Stereotypes

Feel lost navigating lesbian/sapphic stereotypes on social media? Yeah, us too! Luckily we have Bea the Bud’s guide to the most common lesbian stereotypes.

A young woman carrying a lot of shopping bags bought by her sugar daddy

Should I Get a Sugar Parent?

This week, Bea is talking Sugar Daddies. What’s it like to have a Sugary Daddy? Is it a good idea to have a Sugar Daddy? And who says it has to be a daddy…

A woman holding a silver butt plug wearing classy white lingerie

Are Kinks Misogynistic?

Bea the Bud is back with one of her passions: kink. Are kinks inherently misogynistic? Where do they come from? And can you watch porn and still be a feminist?

A group of lesbian women in a bar

Where Did Lesbian Bars Go?

This week, Bea the Bud is talking about girl bars. What happened to the existence of bars for Lesbian women? Did they disappear? Or did they just join forces with the rest of the queer movement?

The Risks of Being a Unicorn

This week Bea the Bud is taking on a more serious topic, discussing the downsides to dating a couple and the risks that come with being a unicorn.

Blond woman looking sexy holding a cup of coffee

How to Be Sexy

Bea the Bud on how to be sexy, how to feel your best, and the influence Gok Wan had on an entire generation of tweens.

Greek man eating a fig in Greece in front of a Mediterranean looking house

What is the Sexiest Nationality?

A lighthearted take on an age-old question: what is the sexiest nationality? Is there a real answer, or is it all related to what you know and who you’ve met?

Several commitment padlocks with initials on them locked to a bridge

Is Monogamy Overrated?

Bea the Bud on Monogamy: Is it the only option if you desire true connection? What is it like to date more than one person? Why don’t your friends understand?