Zsofi was born and raised in Hungary, but has also lived in Brazil, Scotland and Portugal, and now lives in England. She is an English teacher with an obsession with trying new cuisines who writes our food column: Zsofi’s Kitchen.

Spanish Food, tapas, on a table on holiday in Spain

What To Eat in Spain As a Vegetarian

Ever wondered what to eat in Spain as a vegetarian? Zsofi’s making us jealous again with her recent trip to Catalonia, and her tales of veggie Spanish food.

Close-up of vegetarian traditional greek salad made up of cucumber, pepper, tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese

What I Ate in Greece as a Vegetarian

Zsófi shares everything you need to know about vegetarian Greek food after a recent trip to Athens, Greece, including which vegetarian Greek dishes to choose!

Close-up shot of Brazilian Brigadeiro with chocolate sprinkles

What is Brigadeiro? And How to Make It

Zsófi talks about Brigadeiro, how it became such an iconic Brazilian dessert, and shares the homemade Brigadeiro recipe she learned on the streets of São Paulo.

Goulash - Hungarian dish made with vegetarian ingredients

How to be Vegetarian in Hungary

Zsófi revisits her Hungarian roots and tells you everything about eating vegetarian in Hungary, from your local Hungarian restaurant to the streets of Budapest.

A plastic cup of cream coloured bubble tea with dark balls of boba and a straw

A Beginner’s Guide to Bubble Tea

Want to know how to order bubble tea for the first time? Looking for the ultimate bubble tea how-to? Our food & drink columnist, Zsófi, has got you covered.