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The 12 Best Vegan Restaurants in London (2023)

We’ve put together this list of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in London so that you don’t have to. We’ve included a range of options from high-class, Michelin star restaurants for a special occasion to vegan street food, so that we have you covered no matter your mood. Of course, because they’re all vegan, they are also all vegetarian restaurants suitable for anyone interested in plant-based eating. If you needed a good reason to go out and eat vegan in London… we just gave you one 😉

Gauthier Soho (Soho)

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The best place to go for a fancy vegan dinner.

If you’re looking for the best vegan food in London, look no further. Nestled in the heart of London’s lively Soho district, Gauthier Soho, crafted by Alexis Gauthier and boasting a coveted Michelin Star, offers a distinctive dining experience within a charmingly unmodernized Regency townhouse. Transporting guests to a bygone era of fine-dining, the restaurant exudes passion through attentive service, unveiling delectable courses beneath silver cloches.

With a bustling basement kitchen emitting tantalising aromas, skilled sommeliers meticulously elevate the dining experience with perfectly paired wines. Across three floors, intimate dining rooms hum with the chatter of discerning patrons. Gauthier Soho seamlessly fuses the traditional spirit of London’s culinary history with the vibrancy of modern French plant-based cuisine, creating a unique and lively atmosphere with a touch of whimsical decor.

Club Mexicana (Kingly Court, Covent Garden & Shoreditch)

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The best place to go for vegan tacos and small plates.

Established in 2014, Club Mexicana embarked on a mission to redefine perceptions of vegan cuisine, aiming to showcase its diversity and delectable flavours beyond conventional notions of lettuce and lentils. The restaurant prides itself on a commitment to innovation and independence, charting its own course within the culinary landscape.

As trailblazers in the London street food scene (and the vegan scene), Club Mexicana’s origins trace back to a Saturday night supper club in a Hackney cafe, featuring a vibrant three-course taco feast complemented by Wham! records, inflatable flamingos, and generous servings of tequila. Transitioning from the vegan supper club experience to the dynamic street food arena, the restaurant made significant waves at renowned venues such as Street Feast and KERB.

Following successful seasons serving thousands of tacos at the UK’s major music festivals, Club Mexicana found a permanent home at KERB’s Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden serving vegan street food. In August 2020, the restaurant celebrated the opening of its inaugural “proper” establishment in the heart of Soho’s beloved foodie community, Kingly Court.

Temple of Seitan (Camden & Hackney)

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The best place to go to satisfy a craving for chicken.

Temple of Seitan stands out as London’s vegan equivalent to KFC, specialising in cruelty-free seitan pieces and burgers adorned with a crispy coating. Recognized as one of the capital’s top spots for a quick and satisfying meal, the eatery offers a range of options, from snack boxes to meal deals, all characterised by affordable prices and generous portions.

Founded by the Melbourne couple Rebecca McGuiness and Pat O’Shea, Temple of Seitan gained its reputation for serving what many consider the finest Seitan burger in London. The journey began with a stall in Brick Lane, and in 2017, during Veganuary, the duo opened the UK’s first vegan fried chicken shop in Hackney. The launch drew substantial attention, with long queues of eager vegans eager to savour the crispy delights of their fried seitan creations. Responding to the demand, a second site was subsequently established in Camden.

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Unity Diner (Spitalfields)

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The best place to go for plant-based eating that goes beyond just their ingredients. 

Established in September 2018 by a passionate group of friends, including vegan educator Earthling Ed, Unity Diner is on a mission to create a positive impact through its culinary offerings. At the heart of Unity Diner’s philosophy is the desire to transform public perceptions of vegan food by harnessing the power of plants. With a commitment to providing exceptional vegan cuisine made with love, the diner aims to contribute directly to positive change for animals and the environment.

Located in the vibrant heart of East London, Unity Diner prides itself on fostering a welcoming atmosphere facilitated by a super-friendly team. The diner distinguishes itself not only through its delectable plant-based offerings but also by its dedication to sustainability. All straws, takeaway containers, and coffee cups are 100% biodegradable and free of plastic. The commitment to ethical practices extends to staff uniforms and merchandise, which are made with 100% organic cotton and chemical-free vegan ink, ensuring no association with sweatshops. Unity Diner embraces a paperless payment system and proudly holds certification as Vegan Founded, reinforcing its dedication to a compassionate and environmentally conscious approach.

Jam Delish (Islington)

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The best place to go for wholesome dishes.

Nestled in Angel, Islington, Jam Delish stands as an independent, family-owned Caribbean vegan restaurant and cocktail bar. Established in 2020 by siblings Jordan and Chyna, the concept was born out of a heartfelt desire to share their grandparents’ authentic Caribbean recipes with Londoners. The siblings bring a fresh and modern twist to these traditional dishes, drawing inspiration from their upbringing in a vegan household.

Harmonising their passion for plant-based cuisine with their Caribbean heritage, Jordan and Chyna identified a unique niche for authentic Modern Caribbean Vegan Cuisine, paving the way for Jam Delish. The restaurant has garnered widespread acclaim, earning five-star reviews from both satisfied customers and discerning food critics.

Wulf & Lamb (Chelsea & Marylebone)

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The best place to go for vegan “fast food”.

Wulf & Lamb, an all-day plant-based restaurant, proudly boasts two locations in Chelsea and Marylebone.

Dedicated to crafting an entirely plant-based menu, our culinary philosophy revolves around satisfying comfort food cravings by reimagining vegan versions of familiar classics. Each dish is a symphony of flavours, incorporating surprising ingredients and drawing inspiration from diverse culinary traditions around the world.

While we have gained renown for our indulgent vegan Mac’N’Cheese and burgers, our menu also features a selection of wholesome salads and whole-food plant-based dishes. Whether you join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, our all-day dining establishments in Chelsea and Marylebone offer a delightful experience for plant-based enthusiasts and curious diners alike.

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The Vurger Co (Shoreditch)

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The best place to go for a vegan burger.

The Vurger Co was born out of a desire to provide delicious plant based burgers to hungry Londoners and beyond! 

The inception of the Vurger Co concept was grounded in the pursuit of accessibility, acknowledging the challenge of securing delicious, high-quality vegan food at the time. Their mission aimed to dismantle barriers through innovative and delectable offerings, aspiring to instigate positive change within the food system for generations to come. Starting as a modest market stall in 2016 to establish their brand, they progressed from the market scene to events, pop-ups, and festivals. The journey culminated in the opening of their inaugural restaurant in Shoreditch in March 2018.

Since then, their growth has been remarkable, expanding to operate three flourishing restaurants in Shoreditch, Brighton, and Manchester. Beyond their brick-and-mortar establishments, they ventured into creating gorgeous products that are now available in retailers worldwide. This evolution reflects their commitment to not only providing accessible and delicious vegan options but also contributing to the broader transformation of the culinary landscape.

The Spread Eagle (Wandsworth)

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The best place to go for totally vegan British food.

Enter the Spread Eagle and envelop yourself in the quintessential atmosphere, sights, and exceptional hospitality of a traditional British pub. Drawing inspiration from its rich history, this classic Victorian pub and hotel proudly anchors itself in the heart of Wandsworth, South West London, resonating with the charm of 18th-century public houses. A haven for food enthusiasts, the menu features vegan dishes based on pub classics that evoke the joyful nostalgia of British dishes from days gone by. It’s the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for British food with a 100% vegan menu.

Neat Burger (Camden, Canary Wharf, Soho & Westminster)

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The best place to go for a vegan burger.

In 2019, Neat Burger unveiled its inaugural restaurant in the heart of central London, marking the inception of a culinary journey with a groundbreaking mission. Since that momentous debut, the chain has expanded its footprint to eight additional locations across the city, driven by a dedicated vision to reshape societal perceptions of vegan cuisine, as articulated on its website.

As of 2020, co-founder Jordan Rocca proudly proclaimed Neat Burger as the world’s “first plant-based sustainable burger chain” in a statement shared with Plant Based News. Rocca emphasised the brand’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, stating that Neat Burger is resolute in championing eco-conscious practices and actively contributing to a positive impact on the environment.

Sen Viet Vegan Restaurant (Shoreditch)

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The best place to go for vegan southeast asian food.

Sen Viet Vegetarian Restaurant in East London stands as a haven where the essence of Vietnamese cuisine is revered and nurtured. Within its confines, patrons are enveloped in a culinary haven adorned with the choicest ingredients meticulously curated by kitchen maestros.

Beyond delivering delectable dishes of the highest quality, the restaurant offers an immersive experience that transports diners to the heart of Vietnam. The luxurious design, tastefully balancing classic and modern elements, contributes to an ambiance that mirrors the rich cultural tapestry of the Southeast Asian country. Sen Viet Vegetarian Restaurant is a culinary sanctuary that not only satisfies the palate but also invites guests to savour the spirit of Vietnam in every bite and ambiance.

Plant Club (Stoke Newington)

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The best place to go for gluten free options.

Bringing together their Italian gluten-free and vegetarian backgrounds with a wealth of restaurant hospitality experience, the team at Plant Club Restaurant aims to showcase the seamless fusion of nutritious, sustainable, organic, gluten-free, and vegan cuisine with a focus on a healthy lifestyle—all while maintaining a commitment to taste and enjoyment.

Their culinary journey began with the ambitious task of reimagining pasta, one of Italy’s most iconic products, into a wholesome creation that strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. At Plant Club, their unique spin on Italian cuisine revolves around recipes that prioritise health, offering gluten-free, vegan, and organic alternatives.

Plant Club Restaurant stands out as an entirely organic, gluten-free, and vegan establishment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a rich plate of fresh pasta without compromising on health concerns. The restaurant’s commitment extends to sourcing selected seasonal ingredients, with a strong preference for zero-kilometre products. This ensures that their chefs have access to the best that nature has to offer, creating a menu that reflects a dedication to excellence and the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

Mallow (Borough Market & Canary Wharf)

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The best place to go if you’re looking for minimal waste.

Presented by the visionary team behind Mildreds, Mallow emerges as a 100% plant-based, sustainable concept with locations in Borough Market and Canary Wharf. Since the inception of the first Mildreds restaurant in Soho in 1988, their commitment to serving fresh, vibrant, and flavorful cuisine has been unwavering—a legacy proudly continued at Mallow.

Prioritising minimal waste and sourcing ingredients from local, sustainable businesses, including those in their immediate vicinity, Mallow is led by Sarah Wasserman, Head of Food 

Development. With over 26 years of experience as a chef and recipe developer, Sarah’s passion and knowledge for plant-based cuisine shape a uniquely crafted menu, offering a delightful experience that defines the essence of Mallow.

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