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What is the Sexiest Nationality?

Bea the Bud is back with a lighthearted take on an age-old question: what is the sexiest nationality? Is there a real answer, or is it all related to what you know and who you’ve met? And find out who Bea thinks is the sexiest nationality…

The Holy Greek Nose 

Recently, on my trip to Greece, I was reminded of the fact that Greece is the home of the Greek nose. It might seem obvious considering Greece and Greek noses. However, I don’t often spend my time contemplating where certain nose shapes originate from. But when I landed in Greece and realised I was in a land filled with Greek noses I had to stop and wonder at the beautiful noses passing me by. Why am I talking about noses you ask? Because I love a big schnoz.

There’s something about big noses and I know many friends who agree. A big nose is a big yes. Big bold noses originate from many parts of the world, including Greece, also the Middle East, and Italian noses. And according to me, they are the ultimate trio of big nose bridges. There are, of course, plenty of other nose shapes and I’m sure they’re all lovely. But I’m here to discuss a Greek nose in particular. 

Let me segway into the actual topic of the article, which surprisingly is related to Greek noses.

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Iberians Had My Heart 

I spent much of my adult life claiming that Iberians were the most beautiful of people. When I lived in Lisbon, I’d walk around just admiring people.  Portuguese women, in particular, are angels sent from heaven. They’re beautiful, they’re always nice, and they just have something about them.

Spanish men also woo me by simply looking at me, and when they approach and state ‘hola chicas’ I could simply die. My love for Iberians may be exaggerated, but I don’t have anything to end this sentence with. My love for Iberians is exaggerated but I really don’t mind. 

So, let’s get into why I have such a love for Iberians. My mum always claimed that because I’m light haired, fair skinned and blue eyed, I tend to be attracted to the opposite. She’s right in the fact I tend to prefer dark hair and dark eyes, but I’m not sure I believe it’s because they’re opposite to me. 

Personally, I believe having studied the Portuguese language, the Portuguese culture and having a feeling of being acquainted with both has lead me to be excited to meet those of that culture, of similar cultures such as the Spanish, and also cultures related to Portugal in forms of language and history such as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique you name it.

I also find that when I speak to someone whose culture and language I know a lot about, it’s even more exciting. . It is nice for someone to know something about your people and in turn your culture, and it is a bonding experience for many. So, is it then that Iberians are not sexier than everyone in the world? Is it just my personal experience? 

Was my love for Portuguese people just a phase brought to a screeching halt by the sight of a Greek nose? Yes. Maybe I was delusional in thinking that the Portuguese were the sexiest nationality in the world.

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What is the Sexiest Nationality?

I guess what I learnt recently is that many cultures and peoples have qualities that I like, in other words, big noses. And I guess I shouldn’t be here ranking nationalities. Of course, Portugal and everything related to it means a lot to me and that’s nothing to take for granted. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than everything else… 

But enough of the Miss Congeniality answers. I’d love to know what the sexiest nationality is considered. There have been lots of surveys taken and articles written. From some I can see the sexiest have been named Ukraine, India, Denmark, Armenian, Barbados, Colombia, and Brazil.

But it seems endless and all the rankings seem wildly different from each other. How are these surveys even taken and why have I not been asked to participate? There’s a couple of articles that state, for example, Ukrainian was voted most sexy, and it is also the birthplace of Mila Kunis. The same goes for Barbados as the birthplace of Rihanna, so does this signal how it’s voted. Do people vote on hot celebrities, or are these just facts given by the magazines? 

I also asked some friends their opinions and the votes are in: Palestinian, Iranian, Costa Rican, Colombian, Egyptian, Chilean, Cuban, Algerian, Australian, and Spanish.

One region of the world that got a crazy number of mentions was Latin America. What is it about Latin Americans that attracts so many of my friends? Is it the liveliness, the people’s kindness, or the good music associated with many of their cultures? There’s also a lot of Latin Americans living in Europe, where most of my friends live, so I guess a lot of my friends know them. I also know a lot of people who have learnt Spanish and use it often and so I guess they are attracted to Hispanics like I am to Portuguese speakers. Maybe, just maybe, Latin Americans are just the sexiest people in the world.

I suppose the answer to what is the sexiest nationality depends on who you know from which country, which sexy celebrity is big at the time of asking and where you may have visited. Considering Greece wasn’t a contender for my sexiest nationality until I visited and now it’s shot up to first place. So I guess the answer to who is the sexiest nationality is forever changing. But it is still a fun question to ponder. 

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