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We are always looking for new writers to work with! The more contributors we have, the closer we will be to fulfilling our goal of creating a magazine for everyone.

Click here to visit our about page and find out about our regular writers and columnists. If you want to write for us, you don’t have to become a columnist; you can just submit a single article, too!

You don’t need to have a particular opinion, political stance or skill set to join our team. We are just looking for articles that are open-minded, without bias, and don’t make assumptions about its reader.

We are particularly looking to represent under-represented groups. That includes you, if you don’t feel represented, whether that’s because of your skin colour, gender identity (or lack thereof!), sexuality or anything else.

We aren’t looking for political pieces, opinion pieces, or anything to do with activism. But, we do want to hear your real opinion on what you’re writing, especially if your view is unique because you represent a minority.

Currently, we’re especially looking for writers that can cover these topics:

– Trending media (books/podcasts/music)
– Fashion
– Fitness

If you write about something else, we’d still love to hear from you.

You can write directly to our editor, Isabella, with any questions or submissions here:


It’s not a magazine for feminists, but a magazine for everyone. No matter your political view, gender identity, height or hair colour, you deserve to read and access content that you can relate to. 


Most of the inclusive magazines that we read revolve around activism. Whilst we love and support activism, it can be overwhelming, and they usually want you to get involved.


We don’t want you to do anything. Just read, enjoy, and if you have questions or suggestions you can leave a comment, email our writers or get in touch with our editor directly.




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